Can You Launch a Restaurant On Kickstarter? Dyne Hopes So

Photo: courtesy Sous Rising

Jake Bickelhaupt has worked at Alinea, Charlie Trotter’s and Schwa. He does the Sous Rising underground dinners. And he wants to open a restaurant called Dyne, which sounds about Schwa-sized and looks, from the pictures, very much like the kind of creative semi-abstract food you see at such places. But how he hopes to get there is something a bit different— he’s not looking for rich guys who think it might be cool to have a restaurant; he’s looking for you. Bickelhaupt hopes to raise $125,000 via Kickstarter to launch a storefront restaurant; while you can support him with as little as $25, the higher amounts entitle you to things like taking over the eventual restaurant for a night or a 12 course dinner in your home. (He’s got about 3 weeks to go, but not so many people have pledged yet— he needs to work that email list harder, we suggest.) Anyway, find out more about it, including in a video slideshow, here.