Ivan Orkin Is Cooking Ramen at Smorgasburg on Saturday [Updated]

How about some nice, hot soup?
How about some nice, hot soup? Photo: Victor Prado

Two ramen masters will team up this weekend at Smorgasburg with a limited menu. Ivan Orkin, who is still on track to open his anticipated New York noodle shop, tells us he’ll most likely be cooking a “pretty standard bowl of nice, hot ramen” with Shigetoshi Nakamura (of Sun Noodle), who’s also a rock star in the greater pantheon of ramen chefs. The two are using their noodles for the forces of good: All proceeds will benefit a Sandy-relief charity. Orkin says he and Nakamura will prep for 300 bowls, and we’ll report more details as we hear them. Update 11/08: Orkin tells us he and Nakamura will make tonkotsu-gyokai and toasted whole wheat noodle ramen and the proceeds will benefit the Brooklyn Recovery Fund. [Earlier, Related]