Interested in New Meat? Grouse is In the House at Everest

The famous Grouse.
The famous Grouse. Photo: Stephen Powell via Flickr

If the prospect of Next’s The Hunt menu has you salivating at the thought of what new species you can cross off your list (incidentally, they farm raise lions in upstate Michigan and Wisconsin, we’re just sayin’), then here’s some news you’ll want to know. Scottish grouse, a delicacy in dining in the U.K. for its earthy, gamey flavor but rarely served in the U.S., since we don’t have big Scottish estates full of wild birds and a tradition of weekend hunting parties to cull them, will be on the menu at Everest during the last few weeks of the traditional grouse season, which is to say, right now. At Everest, it will be served as a crepinette of wild grouse roasted in Alsace cabbage.