Ike’s Place Opens Eleventh Outpost in Santa Clara


The sandwich empire of Ike Shehadeh just grew once again as a new Ike’s Lair opens in Santa Clara, near Santa Clara University at 2235 The Alameda. As with all the other locations, and as Food Gal reports, the menu is slightly different, but mostly the same, and many of the sandwiches with their various breaded cutlets, vegan and otherwise, cheese, and dirty sauce, taste mighty similar. But we’d like to point out something we hadn’t noticed from the menu at the original S.F. Ike’s Place: There’s now a color-coded “delicious-ness” scale, rating the sandwiches from “meh” to “damn tasty,” “based directly on customer input.” Wouldn’t you know it, they all rate the same shade of orange, indicating “damn tasty.” [Food Gal, Earlier]