House of Tacos Opens in Hollywood, Offers Two-For-One to Newbies

House of Tacos
House of Tacos Photo: Joshua Lurie

A snug blue room named House of Tacos is now serving Hollywood Boulevard, sliding ingredients like grass-fed Aussie beef, flame-grilled chicken, and battered tilapia and fried shrimp between its tortillas. Known on the street as H.O.T., this new enterprise should not be confused with Van Nuys “House of Taco,” which turned out to be more of a safe-house for heroin, coke, and meth than our favorite form of sustenance.

One will, however, find a few interesting items on the menu here, including grilled salmon, fried lobster, and soft shell crab served with pico de gallo, avocado, and cabbage, as well as the standard supply of asada fries, burritos, and quesadillas. Currently, the restaurant is offering a two-for-one deal on tacos to new customers.

The only downside, if any, comes at the expense of L.A.’s international spectrum, as House of Tacos replaces Zoltan’s Transylvanian Restaurant, the only destination for such cuisine in the city. Maybe tacos vampiros are in order at H.O.T. to chase away the ghouls of restaurants past?

House of Tacos, 5615 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood; 323-962-3042.