Mill Valley’s Hawk’s Tavern Closes After Less Than a Year [Updated]

Photo: Courtesy of Hawk's Tavern

Hawk’s Tavern debuted in Mill Valley last December, and it was a venture from partners Peter Schumacher (Buckeye Roadhouse), Rick Ronald, and Mike House. Four chefs and eleven months later, it has closed “indefinitely” as the Scoop reports, with no word on how or when or if it may reopen. They just had their fourth chef shuffle in September, and when you see a new restaurant have that kind of turnover it’s never a good sign. Alas, dunzo. [Scoop] Updated: Rick Ronald says that the partners were “bleeding money” in the endeavor, and they are still undecided as to whether they’ll be turning the space back over to the landlord, or attempting to rebrand and reopen as something else.