Inevitably, Harry Morton Laments The Name ‘Pink Taco’

Still no apologies for this, though.
Still no apologies for this, though. Photo: Karlnorling/Flickr

Who knows what kind of sketchy name we would have saddled a restaurant empire with had we had a few hundred million dollars to throw around as impetuous twenty-somethings? For Harry Morton, son of Hard Rock co-founder Peter Morton, it was “Pink Taco,” given to the Mexican food and fiesta spot that now screams its gynecological pejorative from Westfield Century City, The Vegas Strip, and Sunset Boulevard. In the latest issue of Haute Living, Morton takes time from shopping a Pink Taco-themed documentary around town to tell the magazine, “If I could go back, I would change the name…It started off as a funny idea; it was a joke at the time….The name isn’t even provocative anymore, it’s almost cliché.” Of course, “provocative” sort of indicates a higher form of intelligence behind the title than the guys at the frat-house, but as Morton says, “At least it’s catchy.”

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