Yes, There Will Be a Snake Venom Cocktail at the New Beatrice Inn

Goes down smooth, with a little bite.
Goes down smooth, with a little bite. Photo: Torsodog/Wikimedia

The long-awaited Beatrice Inn A.G. (After Graydon) keeps us hangin’ on by not opening its doors to the public, but at least here’s one new and vital nugget: The Beatrice Inn will likely sell a cocktail made with macerated snakes. Société Perrier reports that chef Brian Nasworthy was inspired during a trip to Okinawa, where venomous habu snakes are commonly steeped with a secret blend of herbs and spices in a kind of rice spirit called awamori. Like parts of the West Village, the drink is apparently smelly, but invigorating. Also, the drink is not poisonous!

If this does not float your boat, the all-star bartender lineup the Pegu Club’s double-header Sandy-relief and “MurrayAid” fund-raiser on November 11 includes Gaz Regan, who’ll make “finger-stirred” negronis, which are exactly what they sound like. The collection of mixological talent for this event is awe-inspiring and the cause is noble. Check out all the details here.

Beatrice Inn’s Cocktail Revival With a New Snake Venom Addition
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