Soho Neighbors Say Greenhouse and W.i.P. Have ‘Gotten Worse’

Make mine a Nebuchadnezzar!
Make mine a Nebuchadnezzar! Photo: Melissa Hom

Two Soho residents blasted Greenhouse and its sister nightclub W.i.P. as a “total zoo” at a hearing of Community Board’s 2 SLA committee last night, asking members to reject the renewal of their shared cabaret license in the wake of a brief but bloody Nebuchadnezzar-tossing brawl that took place in June between Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages. “It’s gotten worse,” said local Sylvia Musto Beam, who added that clubgoers are making noise, dealing drugs, and even threatening neighbors on the sidewalk that separates their limousines and the club’s entrance. The clubs reopened in July after lawyers challenged the NYPD and the SLA in court. “There has been a police patrol outside every night since we reopened,” owner Barry Mullineaux tells Grub Street this afternoon. “And there have been no incidents since the celebrity [brouhaha] in June.” The committee will take action on the matter at its forthcoming meeting.