Why Is Gordon Ramsay Screwing the Spotted Pig?

Is he just a total wanker?
Is he just a total wanker?

As we noted yesterday: It simply begs for explanation. Why in the world would Gordon Ramsay set out to screw April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman (and Mario Batali, Jay-Z, and … Jesus, especially Bono!) by registering for the U.K. trademark for the Spotted Pig? We all know Ramsay is savvy, but … savage? In a tweet, virtually fist-pumped by Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain writes, “That Gordon Ramsay would register name ‘Spotted Pig’ in London and screw April Bloomfield (who built the brand) over is shameful pathetic.” Then further extrapolating, “Gordon Ramsay registers name “Spotted Pig” in England? Shatters plans of fellow Brit April Bloomfield? Appropriates brand she built? Nice.” It’s befuddling that team Ramsay wouldn’t see the backlash coming, and if they did, what’s the upside? The sweet taste of evil? Judging from the past, the answer to that is … eh, maybe.

He faked Kitchen Nightmares.

He pulled this reservation-book theft stunt.

He’s in a lawsuit — one of many — this time over innocent pots and pans.

He neglected and abandoned his own restaurant in Montreal. Hence, another lawsuit.

What will he think of next?