Goose Island, Two Brothers Vets Team Up To Brew Like It’s 1499

Bleitner and Laffler.
Bleitner and Laffler. Photo: courtesy Off Color Brewing

Remember those great beers they had in Germany before the passage of the Reinheitsgebot in 1516? No, us neither, but there was a lot of variety in German beer before the law specified what constituted purity in beer, and two Chicago brewers with illustrious backgrounds are teaming up to bring it back. One is John Laffler, who as an R&D; brewer at Goose Island was responsible for the acclaimed and much in demand Bourbon County Stout, among other things. The other is Two Brothers vet Dave Bleitner. They’re teaming up to form Off Color Brewing, a new brewery located in West Logan Square which will focus on some of these forgotten recipes. They aim to hit stores with their first beer, Ampel Weiss, in March. [Sun-Times]