Check Out the Lineup for the Bartenders Ball 2012

No cocktails will be served in glass slippers.
No cocktails will be served in glass slippers. Photo: Couretsy bartender's ball.

It’s a week away, but do you think you might be in the mood for a cocktail (or two) next Monday night? Because the lineup for the First Annual Bartenders Ball 2012, which takes place from 7 to 10 p.m. on November 26 at the Bowery Hotel, includes experts from Dram, Weather Up, Ward III, Death & Co., PDT, the Whiskey Brooklyn, Dutch Kills, and Employees Only. And because 100 percent of the night’s net proceeds are going to Occupy Sandy and Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation, the night, which brings together a bunch of heroes who help save New York City, promises to be just like The Avengers. The difference is that it’ll be Richard Boccato with a muddler instead of Thor with a hammer, and everything promises to be more civilized. We do hear that Jim Meehan, however, like Bruce Banner, is always angry. That’s his secret. [Bartenders Ball]