Holey Expansion!!!: Federal Donuts Expects to Open 10 Locations by 2015

More locations means more doughnuts!
More locations means more doughnuts! Photo: Collin Keefe

Michael Solomonov wasn’t just pulling our chain when he told us at the opening of Center City’s Federal Donuts that he and his partners expected to roll out more locations of their smash hit doughnuts, coffee and fried chicken concept. If anything, he was down playing the immensity of the deep fried federation’s grand scheme. In today’s Inky, critic Craig LaBan sheds some light on just how far-reaching that expansion plan stretches. While Capt. Solo leaves it at “big enough… where we can have delivery guys in chicken suits scooting around town on mopeds fueled by recycled fryer oil,” Steve Cook reels it in, saying they hope to open two locations a year, or have 10 total by 2015. Or whichever comes first. By our estimates, that means there will be a Federal Donuts on every corner by 2020. [Inquirer]

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