Josh Sens Is Not a Fan of the Dough at Farina Pizza; Roth Loves the Taramosalata at Orexi

Farina Pizza
Farina Pizza Photo: Andrei Riskin

SF Mag critic Josh Sens sounds fairly irritated with the way notions of “authenticity” get thrown around in the food world these days, and he’s especially annoyed when confronted with the proud “authenticity” of Farina Pizza, where he encounters some soggy pizza and dough that isn’t quite right. He compliments the pizza toppings, and a few of the other dishes like a “honking” ribeye that comes served atop a focaccia slab. He also says the “gleamingly modern” design of the place is pretty cool, and the service friendly and un-rushed. But in the end, it’s not a rave. [SF Mag, Roth’s earlier take]

And over at the Weekly, Anna Roth pays a couple of visits to the new Greek spot at West Portal, Orexi, which she says feels “classy and comfortable, [and] the food is familiar and dependable.” She totally loves their version of the fish-roe dip called taramosalata which is “just the right meld of creamy, salty, fishy flavor with only a hint of ocean brine.” And she adores the ultra-tender lamb riblets, their rotisserie chicken, and their moussaka. She recommends skipping the grilled octopus, however. [SF Weekly]