Epic Burger Pauses to Digest, Aims To Grow Next Year


Epic Burger opened its first store in 2008, and opened its third through seventh in the last 15 months. And new CEO Scott Norrick says, we’re not doing that again, according to Crain’s. Norrick, brought over from Potbelly, clearly intends to grow the business in 2013, but apparently in a more cautious way that will involve carefully learn from existing locations (we take that to mean underperformers could get the ax). Founder David Friedman, meanwhile, focuses on concept development and branding. “There’s still room for growth in Chicago’s better-burger market,” Crain’s summarizes the advice of analysts, but it’s not clear which, if any, of local startups like Epic Burger is really set to take off a la Five Guys. [Crain’s]