Emma Hearst Has Left the Kitchen at Sorella

The cookbook is still happening.
The cookbook is still happening. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Chef and owner Emma Hearst has left the kitchen of her restaurant Sorella on the Lower East Side, reports Fork in the Road. She has been replaced by Molly Nickerson, Sorella’s opening sous-chef, who also cooked at Marea, and at Lincoln under Jonathan Benno. Nickerson’s menu will remain focused on Northern Italian dishes, including lasagna for two with braised rabbit with prosciutto cotto bechamel, olives, and fennel. It is not clear what led to the changes, but Fork in the Road says that Hearst, who is traveling, will remain an owner and that she and Sorella co-owner Sarah Krathen are still writing an Italian cookbook. [FitR/Village Voice, Earlier]