Eddie Huang Named TED2013 Fellow

Eddie Huang, co-owner of Baohaus, holds a pair of  "The Taiwanese Te-Bao," a Taiwanese pork chop with curry seasoning, pickles daikon-carrot, jalapeno, aioli and cilantro in a steamed bun, in the New York restaurant, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin may be hot on the court, but can he sell a drink? How about a sandwich? If the surge in Lin-inspired cocktails and dishes showing up on menus is any indication, it seems some restaurateurs gambling on yes.
Watch out Stockholm. Photo: Richard Drew/Corbis

The outspoken Baohaus chef and "Fresh Off the Boat" host has been named a TED2013 Fellow, joining a brain trust of "thinkers and doers" that includes an English astrobiologist, a South African cosmologist, inventors, explorers, robot-builders, artists, and more. The chef takes to his blog this morning to announce his new appointment thusly: "FELLOWS UP, HO'S DOWN!" Huang will join his fellow trailblazers next February in California at the group's conference. A Nobel nomination cannot be too far behind. [TED via FOTB]