Dried Bat or Baby Rats: Which Would You Rather Not Find in Your Food?

Mikey likes it!
Mikey likes it! Photo: Courtesy of CVUA Stutgart

This is a trick question, obviously, because the answer is both: Chemischen und Veterinäruntersuchungsämter in Stuttgart, Germany (via Improbable Research) has just gotten back the lab results on that dried up old bat someone found in their box of frosted Mini-Zimties. It turns out the bat just picked the wrong place to hang out in between bugs and got held up inside of the already-opened box. “The food is disgusting and obviously no longer edible,” they note. Meanwhile, in western Sweden, a woman opening baby food for her child was horrified to find three baby rats mixed with the fruit puree. That food was also obviously no longer edible. [Improbable Research, The Local]