Watch Dominique Ansel Make Religieuses for All Seasons

Photo: Vimeo

When putting together plans to open his bakery, former Daniel pastry chef Dominique Ansel considered selling cupcakes, then cheesecake, for sheer nanoseconds before realizing that access to the greater cosmology of underappreciated French pastries — including the Paris-Brest, Kouign-amanns, and religieuses — might actually provide a better creative conduit. Thank goodness. Today’s Tumblr Storyboard gets into the sister act with Ansel as he turns out all kinds of adorable religieuses, those decorated choux balls said to resemble nuns. These include one wearing a beret and a scarf Ansel calls the “Frenchie.” Definitely click on through if you like the Easter bunny, choux, and/or nun-themed pastries.

STORYBOARD: Move Over, Cupcakes: The Religieuse Has Arrived. from Tumblr on Vimeo.

Move Over, Cupcakes: The Religieuse Has Arrived [Storyboard/Tumblr]