Do Food Trivia, Benefit Red Cross Hurricane Relief Monday November 12


What are you doing on Monday? Oh right, nothing, it’s Monday. Well, remember the food writers’ taste testing event at Sono Woodfired Pizza a few weeks back? That was so much fun it led two of the participants, Heather Sperling of Tasting Table and Chandra Ram of Plate magazine, to launch food trivia nights on similarly underutilized Mondays. You can compete on teams of up to four for prizes of gift certificates to Sono and its neighbor, Burger Bar Chicago, and you’ll be battling experts including Chef Jared Van Camp. Oh, and there will be a spread of tasty snacks (which we can vouch for personally, but no one’s going to make you taste Sriracha from a cup). Get your tickets ($30) here or call Sono at 312-255-1122; 100% of proceeds will go to Red Cross Hurricane Relief.