See Duffy and Muser on The Interview Show on Video, Levitski Live Tonight

Photo: courtesy The Interview Show

As their much-anticipated Grace gets so close you can almost taste it, Curtis Duffy and Michael Muser paid a visit to the Hideout to talk to The Interview Show’s Mark Bazer about why they want to open a super-high-end restaurant, how their personalities (Duffy intense and thoughtful, Muser extroverted and funny) compliment each other, when you should break the rules when it comes to wine… and why they’re both motorcycle guys. It’s a fun interview that shows you the personal side of these guys as they’re about to go nationally famous; watch it below. And for a completely different flavor of chef personality, be at the Hideout tonight from 6:30 to 8 p.m. as the guests include Dale Levitski (Sprout, Frog n Snail), as well as Rick Perlstein (author of the terrific Nixonland) and more.