U.K. Chef Continues Rant of Terror, Directed This Time Against French People

"You, too, Frenchie."
"You, too, Frenchie." Photo: iStockphoto

The Michelin-starred chef of London restaurant Hibiscus has followed up last week’s aggression toward a nitpicky food blogger with a generalized rant against French people. “Buy yourself a pair of balls and play with them,” Claude Bosi implored blogger James Isherwood last week on Twitter, after the blogger filed an amateur restaurant review that very few people would have ever read. Some other notable chefs rallied with Bosi, however, and tweet-bullied the blogger, who is likely no longer eating out in favor of a lot of microwavable chicken cacciatore. In a new interview, Bosi, who apprenticed in France, says he doesn’t like hiring French cooks because they have no work ethic. “France is now a country of lazy people,” he says. “A very lazy country. They live in the past and just live on their reputations.” We’re going to guess that Bosi is either lacking roughage or is actively courting television producers in order to land his very own “mean chef” show. Perhaps it’s both. [Telegraph, Earlier]