Watch Random Celebrities Stand Up For Proposition 37

Vote Franco 2016!
Vote Franco 2016! Photo: YouTube

By now you’ve seen your share of celebrity PSAs, in which stars commit to grave faces in order to inform non-famous folks-at-home about a dire issue. In the final push for California’s Proposition 37, which calls for the labeling of genetically-modified foods, a deluge of ads is being broadcast featuring a random roundtable of celebrities speaking out in support of the measure. So far six different ads are out there, with appearances by such unlikely co-stars as Danny DeVito, Molly Ringwald, Minnie Driver, James Van Der Beek, and Marisa Tomei. The one you see here is so far our favorite. It’s nothing you’ve never seen before in the celeb PSA genre, but is still notable for two things: Someone appears to have pulled James Franco out of bed before he could put the bake in his wake and Lisa Bonet marks her biggest reemergence into the spotlight since Angel Heart. Take a look.

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