Can’t Know the Playas Without a Scorecard

We know who this is. Do you?
We know who this is. Do you? Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

One thing we wrestle with is striking the right balance between not being too inside-baseball cryptic about the restaurant biz, but not going to the full extent of newspapers and magazines in assuming you, dear reader, need to be reminded of everything (“Mr. Achatz, who also owns Alinea, a popular fine dining restaurant in Chicago…”) There are definitely non-chef figures in the food scene who fall in a similar grey area, well known in the biz and media, less and less apparent to civilians. Zagat has a slideshow on eleven such half-behind-the-curtain figures and how they seem to be everywhere, influencing the food you eat; if names like Rodrick Markus or Sara Gasbarra kinda ring a bell but don’t entirely roll off the tongue, here’s your cheat sheet to catch up with the other cool kids. (And if you don’t recognize the man with the cheese in the photo, go here.) [Zagat]