Brooklyn Roasting Company Had a Serious Sandy Plan

Still there.
Still there. Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Roasting Company

“I stared the storm right in the eye. I sat there all day and all night, ready to barricade myself inside the shop if I had to … I call it ‘Preparation H’: Preparation Hurricane. We moved everything out of the basement the day before; it was the smartest thing we could have done. That saved me $120,000, at least. The day after Sandy, we spent all day cleaning 40,000 cubic feet of water. My philosophy is to get fierce. We set hourly goals and met them all. And now, the basement is spic-n-span. We even had our Halloween party. You gotta enjoy life.” —Brooklyn Roasting Company co-owner Jim Munson was ready for Sandy. He tells us his Dumbo location survived the storm intact.