Bozo the Clown Restaurant Concept Sounds Like a Mess Hall of Nightmares

Nothing creepy about this.
Nothing creepy about this. Photo: MichaelTutton/Flickr

Restaurant News reports that a Bozo the Clown-themed restaurant and entertainment complex is now under development from Dave Corriveau, the president (and “Dave”) behind the Dave & Buster’s chain. Yes, that very same Bozo the Clown that you and everyone else hasn’t thought about in over a decade. Family-friendly BozoWorld will serve as a circus-themed venue for kids to hold their birthday parties, play games, and generally go bonkers, with plans to “revolutionize indoor family entertainment.” Sounds like a good idea, except for one thing: An all-clown restaurant sounds like it will be a pure terror factory for today’s kids.

Clowns may have been the bee’s knees back in the fifties, but today it’s rare to find anyone, kid or adult, who isn’t scared senseless of the razor-toothed and paint-by-numbers breed of Bozo who just wants to terrorize your town.

Has somebody already forgotten how horribly awful Krinkles the clown was or the recent pleas to forcibly retire or even murder Ronald McDonald? Besides, do kids even know who Bozo is? Wouldn’t something like Optimus Prime World be a better place to start?

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