Bourdain Does Chicago Tonight in ‘The Layover’ Season Premiere

Bourdain at Johnnie's in Elmwood Park for a beef.
Bourdain at Johnnie's in Elmwood Park for a beef. Photo: courtesy Travel Channel

Remember Anthony Bourdain’s visit this summer? The one that led to a hot dog place being kicked out of the show, only it really wasn’t, and a packed house at The Hideout, which had left by the time Bourdain finally got there? Well, tonight the episode they shot then will be the opener for the second and final season of Bourdain’s The Layover, though it remains unclear if either of those places actually made the final cut. In any case, we know that Girl & the Goat did, because they put out a clip of that, and there are other clues in this slideshow. We also know he didn’t eat deep dish pizza because, despite a successful visit to Burt’s last time (for No Reservations), he thinks it’s lousy: “Irony being, in a town where everything is great, they’re most famous for something that sucks.” But the biggest irony, in light of his feud with Travel Channel over a Cadillac endorsement? Guess what car he drives around town. Anyway, see it for yourself tonight at 8 p.m.; the Girl & the Goat promo is below.