Anthony Bourdain Also Has Some Thoughts on Post-Sandy Relief

Consider your bus boy, says Bourdain.
Consider your bus boy, says Bourdain. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

There are many special events and lots of online drives set up to benefit those affected by Sandy, of course, and now here’s newly minted CNN personality (and all-around culinary statesman) Anthony Bourdain with a few more ideas on how diners can reinvigorate the post-storm restaurant scene. Because most all of the workers who make any given restaurant meal reach your placemat are sustained with tips and/or shift pay — two things that poured out of the city’s dining last week with the storm surge — catch ‘em up with cash tips, and send a Hamilton back to the potwasher. “That’s not charity,” writes Bourdain. “It’s just neighborly.” [Eatocracy/CNN, Related]