Boom Closes in Soho

Boom's gone bust.
Boom's gone bust. Photo: Robert K. Chin

The twenty-year-old Spring Street restaurant Boom — a sort of quintessential downtown restaurant once known for the star-power eating endive salads and sipping Chardonnay in its dining room while all the young abstract expressionists made trouble out in the street — is closing. The restaurant’s basement kitchen flooded last week and its storm-related damage may reach $100,000, but it’s the $15k-per-month rent that’s really killing them. “The rents are just ridiculous,” former partner Rocco Ancarola tells the Post. “It has become really hard for smaller restaurants and shops to survive when big luxury brands want flagships in SoHo, the Chanels and Louis Vuittons of the world, even though there are never people in those stores.” [NYP]