Tourondel Settles Boozy Milkshakes Lawsuit With BLT Burger

Tourondel, perhaps today a slightly happier "Campfire Marshmallow."
Tourondel, perhaps today a slightly happier "Campfire Marshmallow."Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Today, on Election Day, many battle lines will be drawn deeper than ever, so the news of an agreement between Laurent Tourondel and his former BLT restaurant partners over their chilly, booze-spiked milkshake lawsuit is cause for a celebration indeed. No longer will anyone have to suss out the subtle difference between “Berry Me” and “Berry Good,” define the uniqueness of the “Campfire Marshmallow” versus that of the “Fluffer,” or testify about how the “Red Head” is definitely not the same thing as the “Brunette.”. Today you can visit BLT Burger and LT Burger and drink them all. Welcome to the democracy. [Bloomberg, Earlier]