Are These Really the 25 Best Chain Restaurant Dishes in America?

"We are No. 1, we are No. 1. Wait, are we?"

It takes a real food site to put up an unabashed paean to the Cheesecake Factory's Buffalo Blasts, which, for the uninitiated, consist of meat and cheese tucked away in a chicken-fried dumpling skin in pretty much the same way Ponyboy and Johnny take refuge inside that abandoned church at the end of The Outsiders. First We Feast presents its master list, spanning Outback Steakhouse's Bloomin' Onions, the cheese biscuits at Red Lobster, and even Sizzler's shameless Malibu Chicken. So, yeah, survey says yes: These are the 25 best chain restaurant dishes in America. Meanwhile, New York expects that every man will do his duty, and today Voice critic Robert Sietsema unveils his newest dyspepsia barometer, the Gut Bomb Index. It turns out we should be very afraid, or alternatively spurred into action, by the potato-chip nachos at Swine. [First We Feast, FitR/Village Voice]