Watch the Transformation of Oakville Grocery From Rundown Store to Gourmet Haven


Back in May, Napa Valley’s historic Oakville Grocery reopened after a five-month renovation, emerging from being a rundown pit stop along Highway 29 to become a fancy, artisan market featuring high-end sandwiches, wine, cheeses, bread, and a bevy of local products. Now there’s a short video documenting the renovation process, which was especially tricky given the history, and the community’s love for the place as it was. The store, built somewhere around 1870 or 1880, is said to be the oldest continually operating grocery store in the country, and as such, construction manager Guy Byrne was careful to keep as much as possible intact, including the shelves at different heights, and the mismatched lighting. “We painted around them, we put them back up again… Everyone says, ‘Why are you keeping those?’ Because it’s Oakville Grocery. That’s what it is.”

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