Are You Ready for ‘Electricity’- and Wasabi-Flavored Vodkas?

Quick, someone call Jerry Thomas.
Quick, someone call Jerry Thomas. Photo: Courtesy Oddka Vodka/Wyborowa Pernod Ricard

Finally, some serious vodka hits the U.S. market. To remedy a seemingly endless pour of infernal waffle, salmon, marshmallow, cupcake, and bacon vodka varieties, there now exists ODDKA by Wyborowa, which comes in “Electricity,” comforting Apple Pie, grassy Fresh Cut Grass, GMO-friendly Salty Caramel Popcorn, and needy Wasabi flavors. “The experimental qualities of this new brand allow us to broaden our footprint in the vodka category and continue to push the industry’s flavor profiles,” says the company’s brand manager, “expanding beyond the sweet and savory into experiential flavors that provoke curiosity.” In no time, you’ll be inventing your own personal libations, like the That Time I Hit a Box Turtle With the Electric Lawnmower cocktail, or the Please Go Make Sure Your Brother Is Okay, which is served on ice. [The Spirits Business]