Video: How The Ice Guy Makes Ice at The Aviary

Photo: courtesy The Aviary

Ice and liquids are such natural subjects for arty cinematography that it’s kind of surprising that Christian Seel, resident filmmaker for Grant Achatz’s world, hasn’t made a video about the ice program before. Anyway here it is, in full cocktail porn mode, as Aviary beverage director Charles Joly and sous chef Micah Melton talk about the ways they make and use ice, not just to chill things (that’s so last year) but to release flavor as the drink sits. And we meet the ice guy, who gets to use a chain saw at work to make ice chips. (Interestingly, Melton used to be the ice guy, as you can see in this video we did when The Aviary first opened. Yes, the ice guy’s name was “Melton,” believe it or not.) Anyway, it’s about five minutes and it’s very pretty, check it out below.