Tony Luke Goes Electric (Slide)


It’s no secret that clown prince of roast pork Tony Luke Jr. is something of a renaissance man. He acts, he sings, he promotes tolerance and world peace, and when it comes to sandwiches, he’s a true artisan. But did you know he’s also one of the architects behind a very Philly-specific and equally loose interpretation of the obligatory wedding banquet, cruise ship, and bat mitzvah line dance, “The Electric Slide?” It’s true. As a stakeholder in the recording label PhillyRecords, Luke gave rise to “The Philly Slide,” a cut from artists Luke & Callari that not only name-checks our dear city, but ever so slightly mimics the Philly Sound that Gamble & Huff forged in the seventies with countless tracks form their Philadelphia International label. Check the video out, and go here (if you must) to learn the steps that go with it.