Thomas Keller Can Also Watch His Bouchon Kitchens at the Same Time

Photo: Thomas Keller / Vanity Fair

We knew the Per Se and French Laundry kitchens were connected with synchronized video feeds, but we didn’t realize that Thomas Keller’s three Bouchon Bistro locations were also online. Keller is the latest chef to share a trove of iPhone photos with Vanity Fair, and seeing the chef bounce from serving to truffle soup en croûte at Per Se to the bucolic Elysian Fields Farm in Pennsylvania, then to Yountville and back again leaves little doubt this guy gets by on a very tight schedule and would need to check in on his kitchens at any given time. Note to all the young stages: Every brunoise you make, every piece of hake, every tart you bake, he’ll be watching you. [VF]