Watch the Trailer for Bourdain and David Chang’s New PBS Show, The Mind of a Chef


Yet another cooking show enters the fray today, but because it’s scheduled to air on PBS and features an ornery, peripatetic David Chang, this one promises to be something special: Season one of The Mind of a Chef, Eater National reports, will be all about the Momofuku restaurateur and Lucky Peach editor. It’s narrated by Anthony Bourdain, who says “this show is a chance to explore that mind in all its tangled glory.” The trailer is filled with ramen, buns, and golf swings, but also a trippy, Innerspace-style exploration of the creative forces that drive Chang. Count us in, even if that means Bourdain is Dennis Quaid and Chang is the Martin Short of this particular microcosmic journey.

The Mind of a Chef premieres on November 9. Check your local listings.

The Mind of a Chef
[YouTube, via Eater National]