Esquire Also Names State Bird Provisions One of the Best Restaurants of the Year

Photo: Courtesy of State Bird Provisions

In addition to topping Andrew Knowlton’s list of Best New Restaurants in the country in Bon Appétit in August, State Bird Provisions just landed on John Mariani’s Best New Restaurants list too, in Esquire. That list isn’t online yet and the print issue isn’t out either, but Knowlton just had a couple of beers with chef-owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski in the Bon App office as the two were on their way to an Esquire party to accept their honor. As he puts it, “I think that three-hour wait just went up to four.” We actually wonder how much longer they can even do walk-ins at this rate, with the rains on their way by late fall… Picnicking out on Fillmore Street while waiting for a table won’t be quite so charming in a couple of months. [Bon App, Earlier]