Watch a Clip From Spinning Plates, a New Food Documentary Featuring Grant Achatz and Alinea


It’s been nearly three hours since our last Alinea story, so it must be time for a new one. Here’s a clip from writer and director Joseph Levy’s forthcoming documentary called Spinning Plates, which tells the story of three completely different restaurants: Breitbach’s Country Dining in Iowa, Tuscon’s La Cocina de Gabby, and, of course, Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago.

“Hours go into producing what is basically a two-and-a-half-bite course,” says Achatz, identifying the risks of his creative process. “That’s what we deal with every day: We deal with the absurd.”

Without giving too much away (we hope), Levy says the last few minutes of his film close with the Alinea chef. “It’s kind of like you step inside Grant’s mind, look through his eyes, and all at once everything you’ve been watching for the last hour collides.”

Spinning Plates - Alinea Clip [Vimeo]
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