Soda Manufacturers Fight for Their Right to Sell Large-Size Sodas

Choose your poison.
Choose your poison. Photo: Jamie Chung

A consortium of restaurant trade organizations, retail advocacy groups, and soft-drink manufacturers filed a 61-page lawsuit filed late Friday afternoon that contends the Bloomberg administration did not actually have the authority to enact a ban on sugary drinks in sizes larger than sixteen ounces. The ban, scheduled to go into effect next March, was approved last month. The entirely expected lawsuit does not take issue with the city administration’s claims linking sugary drinks and obesity, but instead asserts that last month’s vote amounts to “a dramatic departure” from the Health Department’s traditional role. All of this goes to say that a courtroom drama between Dr Pepper and real physicians, topped off with all kinds of saccharine and Sierra Mist-y scenes, is seemingly inevitable. [NYT, Earlier]