Slideshow: Preview Mercat a la Planxa’s New Fall/Winter Menu


We found a lot to like about Mercat a la Planxa when it first opened in 2008, from the spectacular Michigan Avenue view to the seriousness with which it took Spanish food (at the time, certainly, the most novel and authentic take on the cuisine seen here) to the inspirational story of chef-owner Jose Garces, a local boy who’d gone from Kendall grad to owner of several top restaurants in Philadelphia. And it was always excellent under chef-on-the-ground Michael Fiorello, but as the menu stayed put over the years, it kind of slipped off our list of what was hot and happening. An event last weekend served to reintroduce Mercat to Chicago food media; Chef Garces was in attendance to present a new, more seasonally-focused fall/winter menu, accompanied by Fiorello (now Garces Group Culinary Director) and chef de cuisine Cory Morris (who’s been with the restaurant since it opened). Our man Huge Galdones was there that night; here’s his slideshow of what’s cooking at Mercat a la Planxa now.