Thirteen Things We’re Excited to Try This Fall

Salt-cured sardines at Cinquecento, new from the Aquitaine Group.

Call us biased, but there’s nowhere as lovely as Boston in the fall: crisp air, gorgeous foliage, and restaurants opening left and right. This year’s a good one: People like Ming Tsai, Jason Santos, and Will Gilson are starting new endeavors. Even busy Ken Oringer is in on the act (OK, he’s opening a new Toro in New York City, but we’ll forgive him). Then there are the stalwarts hovering just below the radar who are branching out at last: There’s Bronwyn, the Austrio-German gastropub from T.W. Food’s Tim Wiechmann, and Waban Kitchen, the newest experiment from 51 Lincoln’s Jeff Fournier. Plus: Fort Point gets a gourmet market, and the South End gets Southern food! We’re relieved that it’s almost sweater weather, because we’ll surely pack on a few extra pounds in the months ahead. Can you blame us?

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