Trouble at the Beatrice: Opening Delayed Over Issues With the Menu and the Name

They could just call it Beatrix instead.
They could just call it Beatrix instead. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images, Yun Cee Ng

Ex-Beatrice Inn co-owner Paul Sevigny partied the Beatrice Inn both into the ground and into the pages of some Debauchery Legends playbook (one copy of that must exist somewhere) until its untimely closure in 2009, and now the Post reports a rumor that Sevigny is fighting new owner Graydon Carter over a transfer of the venue’s name, which may be worth up to $500K, if, for instance, Sevigny felt like taking the party global and did something real sexy, like a Beatrice Inn Dubai pop-up. Carter’s rep confirms the two power players are trying to meet somewhere to hash it all out — we’re guessing Starbucks near Port Authority — but also, for good measure, adds the venue’s opening date has been delayed because Graydon’s son Spike Carter is unhappy with former Per Se sous-chef Brian Nasworthy’s menu. [NYP, Earlier]