Scott Schroeder Shills For Le Virtu’s Nebulous Fall Cookout

Le Virtu's campo
Le Virtu's campo Photo: Collin Keefe

South Philadelphia Taproom and American Sardine Bar chef Scott Schroeder sent word earlier that he and fellow HopChef-testants Geroge Sabatino and Joe Cicala are teaming up at Le Virtu* for “Autunno
alle Brace,” a fall cookout on the restaurant’s front lawn. He had us with the part that read, “Think hoodies and motherfucking fire pits!!!” But to be honest we’re still unsure about most of the other details. The basics: It takes place on Monday, October 29, costs $90 per person, and tickets will be sold through Le Virtu. Aside from that, all we know is there will be dishes from each of the chefs, and beer and wine is included. Though the details still need hammering out, we suspect the vibe, menu and company will be solid. It will probably be one of the last chances for hanging outdoors, too. We’ll update as more information trickles in.

*This post has been corrected to show that Le Virtu’s pastry chef Angela Ranalli is also participating.