Sandy’s Wrath a Logistical Nightmare For Mega Beer Distributor Shangy’s

Shangy's: All brewed up, and no place to go.
Shangy's: All brewed up, and no place to go. Photo: dmuth via Flickr

Though the storm has passed and much of the flooding is receding, there’s still torrents of bad news pooling in the wake of super-storm Sandy. For this bummer, you may want to sit down. Apparently Shangy’s, the colossal beer wholesaler just north of us in Emmaus, is still without electricity. Much worse, according to a tweet from Joe Sixpack this morning, the absence of electricity there is preventing the mega-distributor from getting its gates open, and its delivery trucks out on the streets. And that means that a ton of bars, restaurants, bottle shops and, yes, even other beer distributors, throughout the region will be hard pressed to restock as their deliciously drinkable inventory shrinks. Yikes! Here’s hoping the power comes back soon. [Joe Sixpack/Twitter]