Sadie Swears Its New Cocktail Is ‘Not a Pipe’

"This is not a Pipe"
"This is not a Pipe" Photo: Sadie

Another new fall cocktail menu, another smoking libation blurring the line between toking and tippling. Hollywood’s Sadie just released a new list of seasonal cocktails from Giovanni Martinez, including classics from the early 20th century and a section of aperitifs. But by far the most eye-grabbing drink comes in the form of this German glass port-pipe, bearing a drink named “This is Not a Pipe” in honor of the artist Magritte. The vessel’s strange structure allows the drink’s three layered ingredients and their various temperatures, textures, and tastes–warm Galliano, Frangelico, and a vintage combination known as a “bosom caresser” with Mount Gay rum, coconut, and egg yolk–to be sipped from the stem in an ordered progression from the bottom up.

Martinez will only be serving six of these a night, and sorry, you won’t get to take the glass home for whatever evil intent you may have in mind. Check out Sadie’s new fall cocktail menu right here. 1638 North Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood.