Roberta’s Outdoor ‘Tiki Tent’ Bar Shut Down

R.I.P. Big Top Roberta's.
R.I.P. Big Top Roberta's. Photo: Gavin Thomas

Noise complaints from local residents — if you can believe that — caused Brooklyn’s CB1 to shutter Roberta’s outdoor bar. DNAinfo reports the Bushwick restaurant’s owners were censured by the community board’s liquor license committee last week for operating an unlicensed “additional bar” in a tent adjacent to the building throughout the summer. “Clearly there’s a notion in this neighborhood you’re doing something wrong,” the chairperson told two of the restaurant’s reps, who said they have since applied for an additional license and hope to reopen the space. Perhaps they should enlist some presidential star power for their appeal in advance of the next full board meeting. [DNAinfo, Earlier]