Bauer Loves Rich Table, Calls It ‘the Next Frances’

Photo: Andrei Riskin

We were thinking this might happen, and it has: Michael Bauer’s review of Rich Table just arrived in Sunday’s paper, and it’s a rave. He writes “only once in a blue moon does a restaurant like this come along,” and furthermore says that co-chefs Sarah and Evan Rich have put their high-end training at places like Coi and Bouley in New York to good use in just about every dish. He loves everything from the chicken soup to the spaghetti with mint, peas, and goat cheese, and he says, “Every dish on the daily changing menu has that same rich balance that creates an exciting juxtaposition of flavors.” He notes a couple dishes that didn’t come together perfectly, but says the “highs far outweigh the lows.” And in the end, he gives the restaurant a rare and coveted three and a half stars, and goes so far as to say it’s bound to be “the next Frances.” The place wasn’t so hard to get into when we wrote this last week, but it’s about to be, and from the looks of things weekend tables are already disappearing fast. [Chron, Sens’s earlier take, Earlier slideshow]