Downtown Restaurant Investigated in Cee-Lo Green Assault Accusations

Cee-Lo Green
Cee-Lo Green Photo: Worthyfm/Flickr

A Downtown restaurant was recently turned out by LAPD detectives investigating accusations that Cee-Lo Green, The Voice host and former Gnarls Barkley frontman, is guilty of committing sexual battery. Police haven’t filed any charges and won’t name the restaurant at the center of the allegations, but according to a TMZ story, several employees and a manager were questioned in follow-up to a report filed.

The singer was arrested on an assault charge in 2001 after smashing the windows of his family’s Jaguar in an argument with his wife, several years before he would go on to make the phrase “Fuck You” somehow fit in at weddings. This time around, he tells the gossip rag he hasn’t been to the restaurant in three months and “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.” [TMZ]