René Redzepi Brings Bugs to New York, Imagines a Bleak Food Future

Redzepi: Not a luddite, but no lover of robots.
Redzepi: Not a luddite, but no lover of robots. Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Denmark, London

Noma chef René Redzepi appeared at a New Yorker Festival event yesterday, and he brought snacks! Crushed black wood ants tasted “lemony,” according to a report, and were doled out with pickled rose hips and fermented cricket, preparations that are part of the acclaimed chef’s strategy to figure out “what is food and what is not food.” Elsewhere, clearly on a roll, Redzepi imagines a dystopian food future that starts in the next decade “when a chef robot won the popular television cooking competition MasterChef Worldwide.” Let’s just hope that no one sends Redzepi’s future-self back in time to make his younger-self eat cheeseburgers and spicy fries. [Rendezvous/NYT, Places to Go, People to Meet]